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The Baraboo Veterans Memorial is really two memorials. The original structure, built in 1943, is a list of individuals born or raised in Baraboo who served their country during a time of war. We call this the Baraboo Honor Roll and today, there are more than 1200 engraved nameplates on display that represent our city’s participation in World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. While the emphasis is purely local, the Honor Roll is a point of pride for people who claim Baraboo as their hometown.

The other memorial is the city park in which the structure sits. This general area is called the Baraboo Veterans Memorial and it includes the Honor Roll and all of the surrounding areas including sidewalks, greenery, benches and parking areas. 

The emphasis here is to honor ALL veterans regardless of where they are from and in what capacity they served. The memorial is also for active duty servicemembers and for those whose military service was solely in the National Guard or Reserve. 

The centerpoint of our memorial will be a black granite marker that welcomes visitors with the simple message, “Honoring all who have served.” Nearby, a large American flag will be on display 24/7.

One of our most ambitious projects will be the placement of two bronze plates that will have the names of Baraboo residents killed in World Wars One and Two. Using powerful internet search engines that were never before available, the Sauk County Historical Society has been able to create an accurate and comprehensive list of victims from both wars. 

Next to the dedication marker and flag will be an area reserved for paver bricks that honor men and women who have served in the armed forces of the United States.

Finally, to encourage people to be reflective on what the memorial is about we are purchasing four engraved granite benches for the immediate area. Each of the benches will touch on a theme familiar to those who have worn the uniform:

A bench that pays tribute to recipients of the Medal of Honor.

A bench that honors the recipients of the Purple Heart.

A bench that acknowledges the sacrifices of Gold Star & Blue Star families.

A bench that acknowledges the bravery and faithfulness of military working dogs.

About the Baraboo Honor Roll

What is the Baraboo Veterans Honor Roll?

The Baraboo Veterans Honor Roll is an outdoor memorial at the north end of the Civic Center on 2nd and Ash Streets in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Dedicated in 1943, the Honor Roll lists the names of area residents who have participated in 20th century wars. Today, more than 2,400 names are included on the Baraboo Veterans Honor Roll. Each nameplate is made of engraved brass and is approximately 2-inches by 6-inches. 

The plates are arranged alphabetically within each conflict and make no distinction of rank, branch of service, or time in service. On a case-by-case basis, a nameplate might undergo a slight alteration (such as correcting a misspelling – “Macdonald” versus “McDonald,” for example, or adding a “Jr.” or “Sr.” at the end of a name).

Of special significance, the Baraboo Veterans Honor Roll includes three raised bronze panels that recognize Baraboo residents killed during military conflicts. Currently, the memorial has panels that recognize those killed in the Korean War (4), the Vietnam War (5), and a service member who died on a U.N. peacekeeping mission to Somalia in 1993. In May of 2024 three additional bronze panels will join the others. The new panels will honor residents killed in World Wars One and Two.

How are names added to the Honor Roll?

Eligibility criteria includes veterans who attended the Baraboo School System at some time or were living in the Baraboo School District when they entered into the military service.

An online application form is available. Once the application is received by the Sauk County Veterans Service Office, it will be reviewed for its accuracy and passed on to the Veterans Memorial Honor Roll Committee for a final determination. 

What is the history of the Honor Roll?

The Baraboo Veterans Honor Roll was conceptualized during the first year of World War Two and dedicated in late 1943. By this point in the war more than two dozen Baraboo residents had lost their lives and hundreds more were serving in war zones all over the world. The idea of a ‘wall of honor’ to express gratitude seemed more than fitting. By the end of the war the memorial showed 1,267 participants and another 554 for World War One.

After the wars in Korea and Vietnam, local veterans rallied to have the memorial expanded so that additional names could be added. In 1986 two new wings were finally dedicated, one for each conflict. (Thankfully, because the Korean War memorial had fewer names there was additional space for more names that would be added after the Gulf War in 1990-1991 and, later on, Operations Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.)

Who oversees the Honor Roll?

The Baraboo Veterans Memorial Honor Roll Committee is charged with ensuring the downtown veterans memorial is maintained to the highest possible standards and that its care reflects – always – immense pride in and gratitude toward veterans. Membership in the committee is made up of representatives from many of the area’s veteran organizations and their affiliate auxiliaries. These organizations include:

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – Parshall-Cummings Post 2336
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – Greenwood Memorial Post 987
  • American Legion Post 26
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 221
  • Disabled American Veterans

The Baraboo Veterans Memorial Honor Roll Committee also includes a representative from the Sauk County Veterans Service Office. In addition to overseeing the care and maintenance of the memorial itself, the committee is charged with reviewing new applications for the memorial and putting together the annual Veterans Day and Memorial Day services for the City of Baraboo.

Revitalization Project 2023-2024

Our beloved downtown memorial is showing its age and in need of repairs

  • Existing tile roof is cracked in several areas and needs to be replaced with a more durable steel roof (see digital redesign, above)
  • Stone facade is weathered and needs to be power washed, resealed, and tuckpointed
  • Sliding glass frames no longer function properly and need to be replaced
  • Woodwork is rotting in several areas and needs to be replaced
  • Concrete walkway is cracked and should be replaced with
    new concrete and brickwork
  • Flagpole no longer functions properly and needs
    to be replaced.
  • General landscaping will include a new walkway and
    additional trees, flowers, and bushes
  • Preliminary cost estimate of repair work $50,000

Buy a Paver Brick or make a Donation

Honor a friend or family member who’s served their country in times of war or peace.

Your purchase of an engraved paver will get us one step closer in our veterans memorial revitalization project by Memorial Day in 2024.

Paver bricks can be for any veteran regardless of where they were born or in what capacity they served. They needn’t be famous war heroes or career military with long and impressive-sounding resumes. Specific details about one’s military service are encouraged: where they served, when they served, how they served, in what unit they served, etc.

If you are purchasing two or more pavers and would like to see them placed side by side,
please indicate so on the order form.

Your paver will be meticulously engraved 1/4 inch into the brick surface and filled in with a black epoxy to ensure long life. We will hold all orders until April 15, 2024 and install them at the base of the Veteran’s Memorial the following month (your paver will not be delivered to you, the paver will be installed on-site at the Veteran’s Memorial for the community to honor and enjoy). Two sizes are available:

12” x 12”
9 lines of 21 characters

8” x 8”
6 lines of 14 characters

Close up of Service Medallion: $75 extra
Clearly indicate branch of service on order form.

Customize the appearance of your brick with special engraving. Our company can do unit crests (such as the one pictured above) and military rank, awards and occupational insignia. Set up fees are an additional $100 per order. Please write BooVetsHonorRoll@gmail.com with questions.

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